Tool panel of the workshop classroom with Thinglink

Visit the Thinglink Web page and log in using your acount, that is, use the red button "Log in with Google".

thing entrada

As all of you are already members of the "1st ESO C 16-17" group, because you accepted the invitation code I sent to you, you must visit the channel of the group page, click over the tool panel image and click on the "Remix" button, in order to make a copy of the image to you to work with it.

Now you have a copy for you of the image we'll work with, you should rename it (that is, change its "Title"). The following days you enter to Thinglink you should have your copy of the image in your main profile Thinglink page, and to start working with it, you must click on it and then on the "Edit" buton.

Edit Image

To do task

Here you have a web page with some of the tools and their names in English. Here you have an online dictionary wordreference, widely used. And here you have another dictionary which has more tool names.

You must create a "hotspot" for each tool in the image, and inside each tag, you should insert:

  • In the text box of the tag, at least the name of the tool in Spanish or Valencian and the name in English.
  • An example image of the tool or a link to a related webpage.
  • a short description of the tool and what is it used for.


Once you have your image with all the tags completed:

  1. Add your tagged image to the channel of the group, channels are like image collections about the same topic or, as in this case, made for a group of students.
  2. Then you must get the URL of your tagged tool panel, using the "Share" button.
  3. Here in the Moodle task you must create a link to your Thinglink image.